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Colorado Springs Family Martial Arts Classes

Beginner Family Martial Arts Classes Enrolling In October

Welcome to Universal Kempo Karate's Family Martial Arts program!

This special program was designed to promote the benefits of martial arts to our families who wanted to share this great experience together. To accommodate the varied schedules of many parents, we hold a family class every day of the week.

Regardless of age, fitness level or martial arts experience, your whole family will enjoy our well-balanced classes that mix practical self-defense with amazing martial arts skills. We can help you reach all of your family goals.


The resounded benefit of this program echoed by many of our families is the ability to spend quality time together in an atmosphere that is friendly, healthy and fun! Many of our families have been attending classes for years and have formed a bond of friendship with other UKK families. The health benefit to performing martial arts goes without saying. Whether you gain flexibility, loss of weight or reduction in stress, these are just some of the side products you get all while learning the art of self-defense with your loved ones. Lastly, the enjoyment children get when working together with their parents toward common goals is priceless!

When you enroll in our Family Martial Arts classes, you're guaranteed a fun, high-energy family workout like none other. On top of it all, you're going to enjoy dozens of valuable benefits starting with your very first class. The benefits of Universal Kempo Karate includes:

  • An appreciation for goal-setting and plenty of positive reinforcement to ensure you never want to give up
  • A boost in self-esteem as the whole family learns important self-defense and anti-bully skills
  • A great workout that kids and parents will love
  • Healthy activities that stimulate muscle growth and promote flexibility
  • Critical life lessons in coping with peer pressure and dealing with unwanted pressures
  • Quality boding and learning time with the whole family


Our instructors are friendly and excel at teaching students of all ages at the same time!

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