Now Enrolling For Beginner Family Martial Arts Classes

Universal Kempo Karate's Family Martial Arts program is an excellent way to spend time together. Our family karate programs help to get your entire family involved in physical fitness, as well as learn valuable self-defense skills that last a lifetime. Our patient, skilled instructors work with students of all ages, experience, and fitness levels to provide engaging classes that combine martial arts with practical self-defense tactics.

Our martial arts school strives to provide a place for families to grow, have fun, and learn together.

Families Who Kick Together Stick Together!

Healthy habits build a foundation for a healthier life. Our family martial arts program offer a diverse curriculum of drills that enhances agility, flexibility, functional strength, and develops self-defense and life skills.

In potentially risky situations, the self defense tactics and strategies that you and your family learn during class sessions offer the knowledge you need to escape the situation safely.


Universal Kempo Karate offers families a healthy and fun environment for learning and burning energy together. Many of our martial arts families have attended classes together for years and have formed lifelong friendships with others in the class. Action and fun play a vital part in every class, for every level of a martial artist in attendance. Our lessons teach about the importance of goal setting and then doing the necessary training and work needed to achieve these milestones.