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Colorado Springs Self Defense and Fitness Classes

Beginner Self Defense and Fitness Classes Enrolling In October

If you want a COMPLETE self defense system that teaches you the physical and mental skills of self-defense, you'll find it in the Universal Kempo Karate Schools Adult Program in Colorado Springs! We provide a one-of-a-kind high-endurance, strength and flexibility self defense program that places equal emphasis on the use of hands and feet.

You'll learn to combine agility, strength and cunning - with a highly-specialized arsenal of weapons, holds and techniques - to overwhelm your opponents and stop them dead in their tracks.

Turn Yourself Into A Lean, Toned, Self Defense Warrior!

Not only will you learn the art of self defense, but this team-oriented program will teach you about fitness, nutrition and helping others to achieve their goals. Plus, you'll learn to use a multitude of weapons to defend yourself in nearly any situation!

Best of all, whether your goal is fitness or to become a World Champion Fighter, you'll enjoy a safe and effective workout by learning to use punches, kicks, knees, and footwork correctly in Colorado Springs Karate Training.

Get Started Achieving Your Goals Today in Colorado Springs!

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Benefits of Colorado Springs self defense and fitness

  • Awareness, Prevention & Safety
  • Basic Escape Strategies
  • How to Accessorize for Safety

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