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Child Safety and Awarness #4 - "Emergency Lure"

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This is an effective lure that works equally well on women and children.  By doing a little background investigation on the intended victim, the odds of a predators’ lure working are almost guaranteed.

The predator, wearing an EMS uniform or similar garments indicating a position of authority, walks up to a child and calls them by name.  The child is then informed that there is an extreme emergency requiring their immediate presence.  Something like “Your father is severely injured and is asking for you!”  or in the case of women, “Your husband has been severely injured and I’ve been sent to take you to him!”

In either case, the impression is left that a loved one is injured and your immediate presence is required.

(Children should require this person to use the Code Word before going anywhere.  Women, rather then immediately reacting, they should ask questions before deciding what to do.  They should then transport themselves unless a friend or known acquaintance is available.)



You’re waiting to be picked up at school when a man comes up to you and tells you that your brother/sister was just injured in a traffic accident and he has been sent to take you to them.  What do you do?

ANSWER:  Ask that person “What is the Code Word?”  If they do not know the code word, do not go near or get in the car.  Run away.  Get to a telephone and call your parents. 


You’ve just finished baseball practice and are waiting for your mother to pick you up.  A man comes up to you from out of the stands and tells you that your mother was severely injured at home and she sent him to pick you up.  What would you do?

ANSWER:  Ask that person “What is the Code Word?”  If they do not know the code word, do not go near them or get into any vehicle with them.  Your coach should still be there.  Tell him/her what happened, use his/her phone and call your parents or grand parents.  Do not use the stranger’s phone.  If the stranger is close enough to touch you, then he/she can grab you . 


You’re waiting for your dad to pick you up from the movie theater when a man comes up to you and tells you that he’ll be taking you home because your dad was involved in an accident.  What do you do?

ANSWER:  Do not under any circumstances go with this person.  Run away.  Go back inside the theater and tell the management what happened and call your parents.

We want our children to be safe.  It is important that we constantly educate and remind our children of the potential dangers of this world.   Open and constant lines of communication and education with our children is essential to their ongoing safety.  

                                                                                                        Professor Garland R. Johnson


Revised: 9-21-07

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